24-hour Phone Support

Audio Response Unit

(800) 523-7291

You must use a touch-tone telephone.

  1. Enter your six digit account number (####00 or 0###00) then press the # key.
  2. Enter your four digit PIN then press the # key.

This system will only allow transfers or payments on the account you are accessing, not from one account to another.

Main Menu Options

  • For account transactions, press 1
  • For account inquiries, press 2
  • To change your PIN, press 3
  • For current interest rates or general information, press 4

Account Transactions

Use this menu to transfer between your shares, draft, or line of credit accounts.

Account inquiries

Use this menu to obtain account balances or recent activity on your shares, draft, VISA or loan accounts.

You may press the * key at any time to repeat instructions.
You may press the # at any time to return to the previous menu