Link our debit card to your digital wallet

 You can now easily add a Huntington Beach CU debit card to your smartphone’s digital wallet to pay for purchases. Once added, simply tap your smartphone at a payment terminal in stores or restaurants, online or within your favorite apps.

You’ll be able to use our debit card as part of your digital wallet anywhere displaying the Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay logos.

Click on the logo below for instructions on adding our debit card to your digital wallet:

Apple Pay logo
Google Pay logo
Samsung Pay logo

A higher level of security for your protection

When you pay with your digital wallet, your debit card number isn’t shared with the merchant. Instead, an encrypted transaction number is created to complete the purchase.

Your digital wallet can also protect you by requiring a PIN, thumbprint, or facial recognition to prevent unauthorized use. And, you’ll never forget your physical debit card at a merchant or have to touch buttons at stores.

If you have questions about connecting your debit card to your digital wallet, contact us or stop by our branch.