Loan Payment Options

Making it easy to re-pay your loans

HBCU provides you many easy ways to make your loan payments:

  1. Payroll deduction (for city employees only) - the easiest method for city employees (worry free payment).
  2. Automatic transfer from your HBCU savings or checking account.
  3. Direct deposit with automatic transfer.
  4. MessagePay lets you pay your Huntington Beach Credit Union loan payments from your accounts at another institution.
  5. Self transfers from your HBCU savings or checking account at your convenience through Online Banking or our mobile app.

Contact us at (714) 536-6517 and we will be happy to assist you in setting up your loan payment which ever way is best for you.

Additionally, if HBCU is not your primary financial institution, you may chose to authorize a bill payment or other deduction from your account there to pay your loan here. Please check with your primary financial institution to see if they offer that type of service.