Introducing our new HB Pier mural

“Nothing says Huntington Beach like our world-famous pier” said Huntington Beach Credit Union President/ CEO (and HB resident) Angela K. Clitherow.

Using this thought as inspiration, she commissioned HB native Melissa Murphy of Melissa Murals to create a custom, multi-wall mural that beautifully recreates this HB icon in the Credit Union’s City Hall office. 

“Already, our office feels calmer and even more connected to our beautiful city."

She describes the mural as an immersive experience that captures the HB vibes, blue skies and fun that is Surf City. She can’t wait for members to see it in person now that City Hall has re-opened.

We asked Melissa to share her background and inspiration with us.

How long have you been painting murals?
I have been painting murals since I went to Edison High School. All the teachers there were so encouraging towards my art. I painted murals in classrooms and in the training gym. The staff there still encourage my creativity and have hired me to paint a mural on their new pool deck. I will start that one in April, 2022.

Did you choose the pier as the subject?
Angela had the idea for this mural. She had the vision and reached out to me to make it happen. She even had ideas throughout the painting process like adding pelicans and the HB banners on the pier.

Tell us how you conceptualize something with so much depth and detail onto flat walls.
I love the ocean and the beach. I have spent so much time in the ocean water. I grew up at the beach swimming with dolphins. I was a Huntington Beach ocean lifeguard for 10 years and a competitive surfer throughout high school and college. I love swimming under the HB pier and diving deep to look at all the colorful starfish under water on the pilings. I have spent so much time in the ocean and I love diving underwater and looking at marine life and ocean blue colors.  I take these experiences and use them as inspiration for my paintings.

Stop by and join while you’re here

We encourage everyone to stop by our office during business hours to see this work of art for yourself and snap a selfie in front of it. And while you’re here, we’d be happy to show you why so many of your friends and neighbors are members. We’re HB’s not-for-profit financial institution focused on giving you real value and supporting the local economy.

About Melissa
Melissa Murphy is a professional muralist. Growing up in Huntington Beach has influenced her artistic focus. She is an avid surfer, free diver, and ocean swimmer, Melissa Murphy combines her love for art, ocean wildlife, and coastal waters by creating vibrant paintings and murals that depict the beach scenes of her hometown in Huntington Beach and Orange County’s coastline. Her murals are visible throughout Huntington Beach and all over Orange County, including: 

  • 62-foot mural at the Huntington Beach Surf City Liquor located on 11th and Orange
  • An enormous interactive mural at Pacific City that you can see driving up PCH 
  • A 60x40-foot mural for the 2021 Olympics commissioned by USA Surfing in San Clemente
  • The happy dolphin on the utility box on PCH and Main Street
  • The Northside market located on 17th and Olive
  • 100 years of Huntington Beach Historical mural located in the HBHS historical theater on the second floor 

  • Pedgo Electric Bikes on 5th and Olive

  • HB Propane on Gothard and Garfield

  • Sea Salt on the ocean side of PCH after state Lifeguard headquarters 

  • 60x6-foot mural at St. Bonaventure Church and School on Springdale and Heil 

  • Electrical box on main and Adams

Melissa has painted a mural at the Sheriff’s training facility.  She has also transformed walls at several HB schools including Edison High School, Dwyer Middle School, Huntington Beach High School, on the walls at Main Place Mall in Santa Ana, and multiple Orange County Probation facilities. She is currently working on more prominent large scale projects. Check them out on